Welcome to our farmhouse. Welcome to the beautiful land that is Umbria.


We hope that the care and attention we put into looking after our facilities and making our products will convey the value we attach to hospitality, the welcome we offer and, in the widest possible sense of the term, the meaning we wish to attribute to the place and to your visit.


Le Fornaci is an old farmhouse located in the north of Umbria, in the Upper Tiber Valley on the border with Tuscany.


The complex has been restored with care, keeping the features of the old farming homesteads: stone walls, terracotta floors and fireplaces.For our guests: a large garden with colourful flowers, a swimming pool, beach umbrellas, sun loungers, tables and benches for lunches or dinners in the open air, with the possibility of using a wood oven and barbecue, and also the kitchen garden with seasonal produce, bicycles, a small artificial lake … and our welcome.